Published...March 24, 2020

Enrollment for Employees Who Previously Waived Coverage

We are happy to announce that we will allow a medical, dental and vision group special enrollment period (SEP) for fully insured and small business funding groups choosing to participate. This SEP event is in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and is intended to allow employees on groups to enroll that are not currently serving a group established eligibility waiting period and had previously waived group coverage.

Details outlining this medical, dental and vision SEP event are as follows:

The SEP will be for an April 1, 2020, effective date.

The enrollment period will be open for requests received between March 24, 2020 and April 3, 2020.

Requests must be handled with a paper application/change card that must be emailed to

Enrollment requests must be managed through the group as the group must choose to participate (no formal notification to Blue Cross is needed) and must approve of all eligibility changes as such changes affect employer contributions, payroll deductions, etc. (payroll records are not required).

Employees serving the group established eligibility waiting period are not eligible to enroll. Employees that had previously waived coverage only are eligible to enroll.

Currently enrolled employees can use this period to add eligible dependents if desired.

This SEP event is open to all fully insured and SBF groups regardless of size. If the group wishes to participate, all they need to do is send in approved applications. Medical, dental and vision change cards to add dependents and/or new enrolling applications do not need the applicant’s signature.  No further action is needed.

This SEP event does not apply to life and disability products.

While this SEP event is not open to traditional self-funded (ASO) groups, Blue Cross may accommodate such an event at the specific request of the self-funded group. All requests of this nature for self-funded groups must be accompanied by the stop loss carrier’s approval, if applicable.